Wednesday, June 29

Unexplained Absence

Ack! I totally missed blogging yesterday and I have to tell you I'm sorry! However, I promise I have a really good reason. I was editing and spending time with surprise visitors ALL day. And, it was glorious! Wanna see how some of the photos turned out from Cade's shoot? Cause, I want to show you!

These three are my favorite from reallllly late last night. It changes every time I bring a new one up to watermark! I love it when shoots go like that, changing favorites are a great sign!

I also worked out yesterday. I've been doing the 30 Day Shred off and on when I don't go walk the lake with my sweet friend Steph and her little girl, Abby. I have to admit I was using soup cans for weights because I just hadn't invested in any yet. That is until I saw some really pretty blue ones at the store last week. So I used them yesterday. Let me tell you something, 3lbs vs cans is a HUGE difference. I went from this:

To this... minus the heels and really pretty dress.
Today, I'm merely walking, maybe a little bit of jogging because I get bored walking buuuut the hand weights (which while may still be pretty are now my enemies) will sit and lay in wait for another day.
What did you do yesterday?
xo Shannon

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cb said...

the pictures turned out beautiful! i love them!


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