Friday, June 17


Welcome to week 7 of **Noted! I hope you're enjoying this feature as much as I am! This photo was actually quite an accident and it turned out pretty well (as most accident photos do) so I thought it was a great one for the quote this week. These are my TV book shelves, they're one of my favorite little decorative spaces in our house! 

As usual I won't be blogging here for the weekend but I will be posting up photos here!

Happy Freaking Weekend! 
xo Shannon


Jamie M said...

oh my goodness, i just might have to steal this idea once i get a real apartment after i graduate. so creative!

Fresh Out of Lemons said...

I looooove that Edward Sharpe song!

cb said...

i love that song and that quote is really so true! i can't sleep when the mister isnt home...i feel so safe and warm when he is home <3

hope you are having a fantastic weekend sweetie!!


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