Friday, June 17

Fill-in Friday

In addition to **Noted for Friday's I'm going to do Fill in the Blank Friday. I love this idea and I've seen it around on a few other blogs so here we go! Let me know if you join in, I'd love to read yours too!! 

1.   The last movie I saw was   The newest Pirates movie. Even though it had Penelope Cruz in it.

2.  I want to  continue my routine of walking the lake with Steph and getting into better shape!

3.  Surprises are  LOVELY!

4.  The best accessory is a lovely headband or necklace or painted nails or a ring or or or...

5.  My favorite warm drink is coffee.

6.  My favorite cold drink is agua.

7.  Currently loving  cooler mornings and cozy beds, creating with metallics, and discovering new nail polish colors I love!

That was fun! I'll be back later on with a **Noted post! Happy Friday!
xo Shannon

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