Monday, June 20

Giveaway & Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone's weekend and Father's day celebrations were lovely! We had a grand weekend with LOTS of family time and a visit to the local farmers market for spices and lovely things. We actually did like a pre-father's day deal with my Dad on Saturday. He is an amaaaazing cook so he called us up on Saturday morning for a date to the FM and it was pretty great. Of course, I didn't get any shots of the veggies because 1- I forgot and 2- it was super busy. But I'm actually starting to get into spices myself so I really enjoyed looking at all of the different kinds and of course smelling everything, heaven!

::Insert best husband award here:: Bonus points for making people wonder if you were gay, Andrew xo

We stopped for lunch at a wonderful Greek bistro in town. It's my favorite place to get a gyro and I always get lamb, sorry for my veggie friends, I know that hurts your feelings. But really, it's my favorite thing there and it never fails to be delicious! 

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How was your weekend?
xo Shannon


Maria said...

Really lovelY! :)

cb said...

i am not offended by your lamb eating....LAMB is my favorite! we eat it a lot here...well not a lot but when we want red meat we get lamb! so yummy! glad you had a great weekend!


shannonbear said...

Thanks, Maria!

shannonbear said...

Oh man, isn't it totally delicious?! The weekend was fabulous, looks like you had a great one too! I'm so glad you rocked it out with your family!

xo S

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