Tuesday, June 21

What I Wore

Today has been extremely productive! I'm excited to be listing a few more necklaces in the shop hopefully this afternoon! I may or may not be wearing a peek in the outfit below.... It's trying to rain a little so I maaay be put off schedule with photographing everything.  I've also been busy at work designing some new business cards for Fox & Owl and our shop, I'm really hopeful they turn out as great as they look on the screen!

Yesterday Andrew had a rain day so we got to spend the whole day together, it was fantastic! We went to our favorite local coffee shop for lunch and just were in love all day. I pulled this outfit together at the last second and I think it turned out super fun and whimsical for our date day! Sometimes my most comfy outfits come out of the last second rather than planning. Does that happen for you?

Shrit: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: TOMS
Arrow: My Shop

We also found this magical little spot last night just as the sun was setting. It was so magical!

The sun is out! I'm off to photograph! Happy Tuesday, friends!
xo Shannon


cb said...

i just adore you pieces and love that you paint the leather! man are your eyes beautiful!!


AmyMorby said...

Love it. LOVE IT. love, Shannon. LOVE. :)

shannonbear said...

Thanks, Amy! You're always SO encouraging!

shannonbear said...

Thanks lady! I love your pieces also, they're so lovely! You're making me blush!! ;-)

xo s

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