Thursday, June 16

Summer Lovelies

I've been loving some of the new summer dresses and styles coming out this season! I decided to make a little collage/wishlist of things I'd LOVE to have for date nights or a casual day out running errands.

Summer Lovelies

I love these color combinations also, I'm all about some lovely peaches, yellows and greens! They're so fresh and just scream summer to me. Here are a few more lovelies!

How amazing are these moccasins?  These are a collaboration between Red Velvet and Darlingtonia and I think it's a brilliant combination of style and handmade! 

One look at this suit and I needed it. Honestly... does it get any better than this?

I'm loving anything strapless this season, from maxi dresses to little slinky ones. They're perfect for date night or a picnic!
Speaking of picnics... how much do you love this little picnic satchel from modcloth? It's perfect for two!

And of course, you need a blanket.  This one is via Meatbagz on etsy (totally bought Andrew a man bag from them, so rad!), I found them through Today's Letters, one of my absolute favorite blogs. 
I think it may be time for a little shopping trip! Life has been SO insane this week that Andrew and I have a date to spend the entire evening in our room with the door closed. We're going to eat supper in bed and relax all night long with maybe a movie or maybe some reading out loud. I can't wait for some quiet time. I miiiight be am making a cute sign for our door that says "Hortons Only. No One Else Allowed". I'm thinking of a lovely beef roast with some veggies in our slow cooker. Any ideas for dessert? 
Thanks for all of the wonderful comments on my WW entry yesterday, it was so nice to read them all and incredibly heartwarming! 
xo Shannon


cb said...

i want that light orange dress! so my style and it would match my tattoos too! eek!


AmyMorby said...

Those dresses are completely perfect. And my heart just about exploded with want when I saw those exact moccs yesterday. Where in the world can I get $129 fast? And free?

shannonbear said...

You would be so lovely in that dress! It'd be great for biking! :]

shannonbear said...

Ah! Right? Love the dresses and the flipping moccasins... holy! I love Elsie's style anyway but on my favorite shoes? Really? Maybe we can stand on a corner with a saxophone and a tip cup for our $129? :]

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