Monday, June 6

Busy Bear!

I just finished a lunch of fresh mozzarella, tomato, and toasted croissant at a little bistro I know... in my own kitchen! Today has been SO productive! I'm so excited about what I've been making that I wanted to pop by and share a tiiiny look with you!

I'm looking forward to one more little cup of coffee! I think this new early morning routine with A is going work out great!

xo Shannon


Nadine said...

Wow, that looks really creative!! Can't wait to see all of your craftiness. :)
And I totally feel ya - coffee can make, right?

Here's to a great week, friend. XO.

Fresh Out of Lemons said...

That lunch sounds delicious!!

cb said...

i love days that are super productive! can't wait to see what you have been up too!


shannonbear said...

Thanks, Nadine!! I'll be sharing the outcome of said craftiness soon!! Oh, coffee makes me happy in my heart, it does such good things! Happy week, friend!! xoxoox

shannonbear said...

I do too! I'll be sharing it soon! I can't wait!

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