Monday, June 6

Weekend Recap & Confessions

This weekend was for strapless dresses, good company. camp fires, sleeping in the back yard, cooking out with family, finding even more town gems and general merriment!

Did I mention finding town gems? Because we did. Here is a little bit of our Saturday in photos!!

We found this whole container of vintage broaches! This one was a bear, so totally appropriate :]

Ugh! SO pretty!!

I've heard of these things called, "adopt a memory" but never had seen one. Until Saturday. Love the idea, these were like 10 for a dollar. Magical!

I almost came home with this, I love love love 50's veil hats like these!

My Auntie had these and they were among my favorite things at her house. Since we lost her last January this was really special for me to find!


He's kinda sexy!
We did come home with a few things but I need to wash them, so I'll share them with you later this week! Eeep, excited! The adopt a memory thing was really rad for Andrew and I to look through. They were regular photos taken by regular people from the 20's to the 70's. As photographers it was really amazing to see that a time that seems to far removed from us is actually really close! There were photos in that stack that were like some of the ones we take of each other or buildings or even out a car windshield, with the dash and everything. Just ordinary people taking photographs of people and places they loved. Amazing perspective for us! I could have spent all day in that little shop!

Random: establishing a new routine around my house with Andrew. We started this morning so I've been up since 5:30 and I've had some coffee, some breakfast, taken the dog out, done my work out and showered. I feel like super woman to have already gotten that much done! I think this routine might be an amazing thing!

And confession: Have I mentioned that I love watching Jerseylicious? Yeah... you can mock, it's okay. But, I love the show. LOVE it. ;-) Do you have any guilty pleasure shows that you can't get enough of?

Happy Monday!!
xo Shannon


AmyMorby said...

Firstly, that fringe coat. Please tell me you bought it! Secondly, I'm terribly addicted to anything Kardashian. Why? WHY?! I can't help it!

Amylou said...

Love the bear pin and the the veiled hat. Not sure that I could have let without those!
Those photos were so neat!

shannonbear said...

Ugh we wanted to buy it but it was over $150 and we just couldn't justify it! Wah wah!! LOVE that you're addicted to Kardashian, haha! LOVE IT!

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