Tuesday, June 7

A Surprise Visitor

So uh, remember how we're expecting a blue tick? Well, one showed up in our yard last night. Not. Even. Joking.

We were getting ready to go the store and as we got in the Bronco, Andrew froze and was staring into the yard. He kept saying, "honey, honey!, honey!!!" and then he ran out of words and started to tap on the window for me to look too. Of course I thought of Angus, our smallest cat, and almost wigged out because I just knew it had something to do with him and something was wrong. Then I saw a flash of blue between the two bushes we have in the garden.

There is not a blue tick in our yard right now! No freaking way!!!

Andrew yelled, hey baby blue and she came running up to us! What the heck?! Who does that? Who wants a blue tick and has one randomly show up in the yard?

Greatest evening ever.

She's the sweetest thing and she's GORGEOUS! We've started calling her Tupelo Honey since all Andrew could say was honey and well, let's face it... she's as sweet as tupelo honey. Yes, I went there :-) We're not sure who she belongs to but, we made a sign that we'll be posting around town. She is absolutely someone's pet, and we're sure she's being missed somewhere. We're just glad to be able to provide a safe place for her while we find out who's she is.

It's been so amazing to have a little sweet blue to hang out with! We'll see how it goes!


AmyMorby said...

she is adorable! I have a cousin with a blue tick and she is amazing. Sooo crazy but so loving and fun. I love dogs way too much for my own good. And cats, of course. All animals. It's hopeless. :)

cb said...

it was fate! yay! she is gorgeous! lucky lucky! have fun with her!


shannonbear said...

It's true! I can't believe she showed up! I actually called around and by a very lucky stroke found the owner. She lives in the neighborhood next to us is a vet tech, raaaandom!

shannonbear said...

She's so cute! I can't get over how gorgeous she is! It was so rad to have this experience - and about a month before our sweet baby gets here! I feel like now I can make it to July when our blue is delivered! I agree on the animal love, they're kind of great!

Fresh Out of Lemons said...

Oooh, naughty hound! What a relief for the owner that you kept their baby safe. My beagle got loose on my family's 17 acres of land shortly before his first birthday. Though we were terrified, people kept assuring us that he'd show back up when he was done tracking and running. Sure enough, three miserable days later, he came home. Ever since we've been super careful with him (my heart couldn't handle a repeat!)

CAPow! said...

What a CRAZY coincidence!

shannonbear said...

Yes indeed! She was so much fun to have around, we're SO ready for ours now!

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