Friday, March 11


I woke up this morning and got my coffee, played with the kittens, kissed Andrew goodbye before he left for work, and checked my email and facebook. While I was on FB I kept seeing these statuses about Japan, and I was thinking, what the heck happened with Japan? See, I don't usually watch the news on purpose. I don't like the filtered version they give us in the US, if I want to know what's going on I'll get online and check out the global news etc. So I went to the New York Times website....

All I could do was sit here with my mouth agape like an idiot and try to wrap my brain around what has happened in Japan. 

What? An 8.9 earthquake and a tsunami?! And it's threatening the US coast?! Seattle is under a tsunami watch?! It puts our wee world into perspective... These images are so intense for me, I can't imagine being in Japan and witnessing this devastation. Usually we're so set apart from incidents like this, but I have readers in Japan. I'm heartsick over this. My heart goes out to the country and it's residents. Send your prayers, thoughts and good vibes their way. They need it.

xo Shannon

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with a chance of said...

This is just so sad and shocking. My husband lived in Japan for a short period of time and he's still trying to wrap his head around what happened. From what he understand everyone he knows is safe, but it's really really hard to grasp. Our prayers are with everyone there.

It really does put things into perspective.


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