Friday, March 11

Day 11

Today's prompt was another one of my favorite things to think about!! Date night ideas! I used a bit of contact paper, graph paper, a magazine clipping and an instax mini photo of us right after we were engaged.

Somehow I always write on the bit of paper that is hardest for you to read! So, here is my list :-)

-I want to have a SUPER fancy picnic with Andrew. One with hoop skirts, gloves, bowties & flannel blankets
-A drive in movie....xo
-Camping on Black Balsam
-Cooking a super fancy supper at home
-Photo shoot in the park at sunset ♥
-Walking on the beach sipping whiskey out of our favorite flask
-Building a fort in the living room
-Watching Disney movies

I loved your wishlists yesterday! Thanks for sharing them :-) What are some of your date night ideas?

xo Shannon

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Brynna said...

I love your list! Cute ideas!!

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