Thursday, March 10

30 Days // Day 10

Today's prompt for 30 Days was Wishlists! I am all about a wishlist, I dream big (with Andrew) and I threw a few of my big dreams on this list as well as a few little ones that just tickle me. Here is the photo and the list of what it says (I know it's hard to read!)

  • Visit India
  • Do some kind of work with human trafficking prevention
  • Open Fox & Owl Public House
  • Have a wee one
  • Take photography full time ( pretty much already have but.... you know)
  • Have pink my hair
  • Get in excellent shape and have gumption to keep it up
  • Visit Europe this year with my Beloved
  • Love freely and be vulnerable
  • Get to Colorado - asap
And I forgot one more point on that list - get a blue tick coon hound and name her Ellie Mae, Daisy or Sadie or or or... ;-)

What are some of your wishes? I'd love to know!
xo Shannon


angelina la dawn said...

i love your handwriting! and i want to visit india, too.

Marlee said...

First on my list?

-Have my best friend and her super awesome husband come and visit me! :)

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