Wednesday, January 19

Project 52

I've been wanting to start my Project 52 for a couple of days. I'm part of a facebook group called the Clickin' Chicks which is just a fun community of women who take photographs for the love of capturing the light! One of my fellow Chicks has already started it on her blog so I'm following suit!

Week 1: Just for fun. I had just been up on the mountain with my Daddy and snapped this shot so I thought it would be the perfect way to start off the year project!

Week 2: Some of your favorite things. This photo has tons of my favorite things! Andrew had been up working all night and crashed on our amazing vintage couch, it was snowing outside, you can see my Jo Totes camera bag, Roofus, and out vintage TV bookshelves! I loved the moment that this photo captured so much that I had to share it!

Week 3: Vintage. I just did a post about my Bronco, I also submitted a collage for my vintage photo.

There we go! 3 weeks down, 49 weeks to go! I love the idea of documenting my year through photos of my weeks! Thanks for sharing this with me!!

xo Shannon

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Lindsay C said...

I switched your link to this site, hope that is ok?
I am finding it very difficult to do project 365 haha. 52 weeks is sounding awesome right now lol !

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