Wednesday, January 19

Introducing, Evie

Oh my word, friends. Can we talk about the car saga that I've had over the past year? Cause, it's been pretty ridiculous. For real.

I had a Sunfire, it was turquoise. I got it my sophomore year at Western after being t-boned on a busy street in my town. It didn't suit me much, but it was a car and could cart me back and forth to WCU, so I took it. Recently I haven't been able to drive it because of how crazy the electrical system was, like it would lock the engine down thinking I was trying to steal it. Yes, my car thought I was trying to steal it. The result was me sitting in my car shaking my fists and yelling at it that "I AM YOUR OWNER! I'M NOT STEALING YOU!!!"

The score always ended up with:
Sunfire: 1
Shannon: 0

SO I declared that I wouldn't drive it again, and that I HATED that car. Fortunately we have friends that just got married and have a sweet wee baby that needed a car. Her dad works on Sunfires (really, God? Cause that might be kinda awesome) and he can fix it for them. So we sold it to them! Woohoo! We're so pumped that they wanted it and we could give it to them, excellent outcome.

That brings us here, I have been drooling over Bronco IIs since I was in high school. My dad has one and I got to drive it for a while and fell in love. When the Sunfire let me down I decided I wanted one to replace it. We've been looking for months and last night we went to Greenville on a bit of a whim to see one I found on craigslist.

She came home with us last night. And, her name is Evelyn. Evie for short.

Allow me to repeat this: I have a Bronco II and her name is Evie. Right?! I can hardly believe it myself!
Wanna see her? 

What do you think? I think she's the cutest darn thing on the road! Burgundy and cream are about perfect for me too! Eeeek!

xo Shannon & Evie 

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