Friday, June 1

You Are Ever Welcome Here

I haven't been to this space in a l-o-n-g time. I needed some time to breathe! To stretch my legs and rest my fingers and my mind from "blogging". Holy, I think the word blogging is like the word vintage. Get over it already.  Let's retire it and move on. I allowed myself to get to a point of needing to fill these pages just to fill them. The pressure to write about ...something. Who cares about something?

I don't.

I care about sharing  things that are worth sharing. Life and real things. I was partly doing that, sharing things that gave me a laugh or a smile and parts of my life. But I let it get to a point where I was like......what am I going to talk about today? And not in a good way.

Let's get back to the good.

You can come too. It should be a real good time.

In the spirit of getting back to the good, I'm going to share some photos from my work life. Something I'm really freaking excited about. Something that is part of my soul. Welcome to a glimpse from behind my lens.

Photography has been moving my spirit lately. The stories shared with us and moments in these photos are dear to me. Really. I was born to be a photographer, it's a truth that I've been learning for a long time now. A truth that scared the dickens out of me. A box! Eeek! I'm not box material; I rebel against boxes. I've never fit in one. It's scary to define yourself sometimes. But, like in so many lives, my work defines me.

And then, I realized... I'm not in a box. My photography doesn't put me in a box, it gives me freedom.  Storyteller is another really great term I like to think of when people ask me what I do.

"Oh, I tell stories." I might say. And enjoy their faces when I get to explain that I tell stories with my camera. That silly smile that spreads across their face when they realize I'm not just a photographer, but a storyteller. A storyteller who is passionate about it and wants to get to the core of what the story is and celebrate it through images.

Memories fade, the smells, tastes, feelings. Photos last for always and remind us or better, take us back to those memories. Rejuvenating them and bringing a smile to your face or a tear to your eye.

That's why I do what I do. I love it.

I'll be back here again soon. Until then, know, You are ever welcome here. 
xo Shannon


Kristin said...

I've missed you around here! But I am happy to see that you're happy doing what truly calls to you. Your photography speaks volumes and I think storytelling captures it best - I can see the stories just dripping out of the photos you take!

Keep it up, and take care!

kat @ withachanceof said...

I love this post, even more I love these photos! Keep following your heart, you are so inspiring and talented!!

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