Monday, February 13

Monday Blues {Disney Style}

It is no secret that Disney is one of my favorite things on the planet. My generation grew up with the greatest movies and series from Disney - even the "old" Mickey Mouse cartoons weren't strangers to us. Since watching these since I was little I've never really stopped to think what those women would look like in real life... until now.

I love that they included Jane! I love her from Tarzan! I snagged these images here, and you can see the rest there too!
xo Shannon


Hope Shores said...

These are just stunning.


Malou den Dekker said...

Wow these are really interesting! I wonder if, without the clothing, I'd immediately think of Disney if these women were to exist in real life, and I were to see them on the street. Personally I like Snow White best, she looks gorgeous.
xx - Malou

Apockylypse said...

I love the Disney fairy tales! My all-time favorite is Sleeping Beauty, but I loved them all so very much. These paintings are so interesting & beautiful. Not sure which ones I like the most, they are all so amazing.

Marielle said...

Woah that's so cool! I used to play I was Arielle in the pool as a kid :D



Teaka said...

Wow those really are amazing illustrations!! As a kid I was in love with all the dinsey gals. Man this would have made my day if I saw it 15 years ago! Haha

Nativemoss said...

How cool are these?! Thanks for sharing!

Brianna said...

These are very cool.

Memory Reese said...

I love them! At first I didn't reconize the last one right off, but when you said "Jane" I knew :) Love it!


averie said...

these are awesome! Jane kinda looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal :-P

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