Thursday, January 26


xo Shannon


Val Lopez said...

Hello shannon, I'm completely guilty of not commenting enough, which with your blog is odd cause I relate to it alot! I am a very outdoorsy person, I love the woods, and spur of the moment this summer we had to take a trip out west. 4 days of driving through gorgeous country side and seeing things I never thought I would see. If you wanna check it out click on the label roadtrip on my left sidebar.
I have done a few vlogs and this one sounds fun too so I will give it a go if I have the time this weekend!
Your vlog was cute!!!
have fun at your class!

Sara said...

Speculation about where you will be? I'll be excited to hear more when the time comes.

I would love to do this if you let me know where the questions can be found. I could always replay to find out I suppose. :)

I love me some Captain Planet. Have fun at your class. I hope you learn lots.


Nora Spaulding said...

It is soo neat to hear people's voices on VLOGs I love it! My favorite superhero is Catwoman, hello badass chick-jumping from buildings and kicking serious tushie!~ I loved your answers and will have to re-catch the photography site you mentioned. You have exquisite taste in food I can tell and amazing dappling in books, movies and shows! you are awesome!~ check out my blog if you'd :) thanks!

Ashley Wolfe said...

hiya, shannon!

i'm guilty of not commenting, although i don't know why. i'm going to work on that. if i put in as much hard work as you do, i'd like some feedback. let me make up for it: i always thoroughly enjoy your pictures of everything! and i always dig a good diy. i also follow you on instagram (addicted!) & twitter (i don't check as much as i should). i super enjoyed your video. for about 10 seconds, i thought, "yes, i'm going to respond in the form of a video blog." but then i remembered my mac's hard drive crashed. *tear* which means i'm sitting on my google reader at work writing you now. oopsy!

so here's a tid bit about me. i'm 26. i live in wv, work in md. i work as a union office secretary (mostly alone-8hr a day). i majored in geography & international studies. i want to be a teacher. i have the best boyfriend ever, 5 years & counting. i knit. i watch a ton of movies. i do zumba (and shockingly LOVE group exercise classes). i have too many cats and 2 amazing pugs. i think that sums up the important parts! haha!

and this whole time i've been trying to think of who is my favorite superhero. hmmm... i suppose batman.

p.s. as a coffee lover too, i have a question for you. and it's weird. i make coffee at home a lot of times and take it with me (to work). and i think it's better than if i buy a cup of coffee from anywhere. what do you think? AND what's your go-to coffee to make at home?

twitter: kdktwelve

have a super awesome weekend!
ashley wolfe

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