Monday, January 30

Monday Blues {Pretty Hair DIY!}

Eeeek! It is Monday again! I'm fighting with my ridiculous local government this morning for our DBA and such for F&O. Huzzah for earnest effort to be legal and reputable.

I had to take a break and look at something pretty so my head won't explode and I found this! I kind of want to try it, there is something about feeling beautiful that makes you want to keep plodding along in an earnest and legal endeavor ;-)

This little DIY is from Sea of Shoes. It's a new blog to me but I'm loving what I've seen so far!

Don't you love this?! Gonna have to try it, probably right now! You can get the full tutorial here.

xo Shannon 

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Gentrileeblog said...

Oooooo! Ya, definitely checking her blog and that tutorial out!

lohood said...

Ohh, Very pretty! Thanks for sharing! :) -Lo

cb said...

oh my that is beautiful! i would love to try this too! she is making me want orange hair but i know that would never work with my skin... :( good luck sweetie, it will all work out, i know talking with any government agency can be so insane!

call me debbie said...

Oh i love the colour of her hair! So bright and awsome!!! =)

(New blog needing some love and support:

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