Thursday, December 1

Welcome December, It's Good To See You

It's December and I'm excited about it! December holds birthdays for three people so so precious to me and Christmas. What is not exciting about that? And if that wasn't good enough can we talk about the decorating, present making, cookie baking, snow flaking, and love (insert rhyme here).

Every year my Mom looks at me seriously and says, "Okay, I need your Christmas list." And then about 2 weeks later I hear it again, and then again a few days later until she makes me sit down and write it in front of her. Now, I'm not resistant to making a list but, I'm one of the EASIEST people to shop for.

Scenario: We've never met and you're walking around in a store and you see something... "Oh is that an owl, fox, bear, piece of lovely jewelry, something to craft with, a Subaru, a Canon anything, a 50mm lens, a super cute dress, gray cords, a sandwich press, gourmet chocolate, etc? I bet Shannon would love that," you say.

First of all, how nice of you! And, you'd be right. So, here is my Christmas list that I sent to my mother in November:

Me: **denotes superfluous wishes
You've Got Freaking Mail <-- I swear I've asked for it for years. Just saying.
More business for Fox & Owl
Cash (for clothing)
7D Canon Camera
50 mm lens
Trip to Europe for like, a month. Or more, I'm not picky
A car that works. A green and brown Subaru preferably.

I'll keep noodling. Love you!

With that list being shared here are a few online goodies I'm eying!

I'm not a heel wearer. I never have been but I go through these mind changes randomly and when I saw these I decided I could totally be a heel wearer if only I had them.

Moorea herself makes my heart happy and I've been swooning over these little babies for a hot minute. Chevron anything is a happy place for me so to wear some on my ears....

After much thought and debate I have decided to opt for stackable rings for my wedding band! I love these hand hammered gold, rose, and silver rings. But, 3-5 would be a good number for me.

I would die over one of these bear toboggans. No seriously. I've seen a lot of wee shops on Etsy that make them for babies and toddlers but I'd need a Shannon sized one.

I love the Hamish boots from Blowfish. I think they're heavenly.

Yep, a 5D Mark II. I actually dream about this camera. No really, I DREAM about it.

A 50mm lens. This is another dream and swoon kind of thing for me.

A Holga. I think this year if I don't end up with one I'll buy it for myself. I looove these little cameras!

Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, Cat Stevens, The Civil Wars, James Taylor's greatest hits, and Angus and Julia Stone on vinyl.

I think that's all for now. As I search though Etsy and around town I always find more that would be perfect. Maybe I'll call this Christmas list Dec. 1. That way I can add at my leisure ;-)

What's on your list for this year? Be sure to stop by my side bar and check out the new lovely sponsors for December! Don't they look shiny and pretty? Like blog ornaments!

xo Shannon


cb said...

oh no still no car that works? i hope you get a car!! my sister in law makes custom hats to order and she makes a brown bear thats really cute! tiny tangerines is her shop name!
happy december!

amberupbeat said...

I love the shoes and the earrings! I never know what to tell people to get me and I end up asking for housing stuff lol.

xo Amber P.

Sarah Mellor said...

I could just forward this on to my own mother, and not do any work looking for certain items. :) But seriously, I could.
If only the 5D mark ii could make it's way into my home...

Kristin Antosz said...

I may just straight up have to make my superfluous wishlist one year xD It'd be so decadently outrageous.

Southernsopink said...

those boots and toboggan are the cutest! i can see why they are on your christmas list. ;)

Mallory Gerstacker said...

Get that Holga! It's spontaneity and mystery is such a nice compliment to an instant gratification digital camera.

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