Wednesday, November 30

Wordless Wednesday | Little Bear's First Snow

xo Shannon & Daisy


cb said...

oh she is getting so big!!! i love the pictures of her in the falling snow! so sweet! would make a cute christmas card!

Southernsopink said...

i love the one where she is shaking! these are all super amazing pictures.
thanks for stopping by my blog, dearie! i'm so happy to be your new follower! that is too cool that you know a marli too! it's amazing how many ways there is to spell marli isn't it?! my sister marli gets her name misspelled quite often! :)
happy day!

Hope Shores said...

Aw! What a pretty pup. :)


Marlee B said...

I've never met a Marli before! I've heard Marley, Marly, and in rare occasions, my own spelling. The most unusual spelling I've run into was Marleigh. Tell your sister she has an awesome name!

Sara Reeves said...

OHHH! And look how cute in her little vest with her lovely floppy ears and her speckled fur. She is getting so tall and succeeding in staying super cute! <3


mama marchand said...

Lovely photos! She's adorable. :)

Erin said...

absolutely gorgeous pictures! :)

Celeste Francis Pressley said...

Ah! Can Daisy get her own blog? I can't get enough hound face. (even though I have my own hound at home).

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