Monday, November 28

Monday Blues | Photography Crush

Hiya! I hope everyone enjoyed their  weekend, even if you're not an Amerasian and didn't gorge yourself on turkey and stuffing. But, I am an American and I did gorge. Not even joking. I left the table probably 10 pounds heavier and waddling like a pregnant woman. It was a great moment.

Since today is the return to the "real" world and everyone is heading back to work and school I wanted to find a super great cure for the Monday blues. That is what lead me to this. I think it is magical and it makes me want to take vintage globes and canisters and do the same thing.

You can check out more of Rune's amazing work here! Rune is a Norwegian artist and takes these awesome installations down after the photo has been taken. The photo is the only proof that they ever existed and I think there is something really special about that!

Happy Monday!
xo Shannon


Lariats and Lavender said...

Lights on trees have always mesmerized me and this is no exception. So pretty!!! I also love that second pic. It has an Alice in Wonderland feel! <3

Southernsopink said...

you're adorable and i love these pictures...especially the lamps. new follower from little somethings by little lo hood<3

cb said...

i love all these pictures! they are so awesome and magical!!!!!!

Hanna Ula said...

This looks absolutely amazing! wow...

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