Monday, November 28

I Got a Webcam

Oh yes, I got a webcam. *don't judge me* Here is the senario:
Me. Rainy day. Break from editing photos. Daisy asleep. Housework done. Husband gone. No coffee to drink. Looking around at Black Friday scores. Webcam. Lightbulb moment. Result:

I may or may not be in love with my little webcam. I think I'm going to have to name it... and my printer!

Oh, and I've been meaning to share this! So many of you couldn't see the family photo that we took at the lake that I snagged it from my FB to share. I really really love this shot!

One more piece of news: I still have a couple of sponsor spaces left! If you haven't gotten your spot there is still time! Email me shannon{at}shannonbear{dot}com and we'll get it rolling!

xo S


Mia said...

That was hilarious! Black Friday brings out the crazy in people. I'm surprised you survived Walmart. Hahaha. :)

cb said...

yay for the webcam! you are so utterly cute and i can't believe you went to walmart on black friday!!!!! we didn't leave the house because black friday scares me.

Kristin Antosz said...

Ahaha, this is too precious! I feel the same - robots >.> And I run from Walmart on Black Friday, though last year was my first year leaving the house at all and it was actually kind of fun in a hilarious kind of way (I think as long as you aren't being too serious about it xD)

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