Friday, November 18

The Little Things

Happy Friday! I just saw a fun link up on Lindsay's blog that is all about the little things and I wanted to share some little things this week that have made me happy!

Hot chocolate nails! I love hot chocolate and what is a better way to celebrate that than nails complete with marshmallows on top? Now I just need to figure out a way to do coffee nails... hmmmm....

This little family portrait we took a couple of weeks ago. It was a random day and we decided to take little bear for a walk and stopped to snap this on my phone - it's one of my faaavorite shots!

Reese cups!! But not just any RC, holiday Reese cups! I love these, some how they taste better in the holiday color tins.

This sweet man and colored Christmas lights in our town. Colored lights are my favorite and I can't wait to throw some up around our house and get the magic of the season really going!

What are some little things making your heart happy this week? You can link up here:

Aisle to Aloha 
Happy Freaking Weekend!
xo Shannon


Sandy a la Mode said...

mmm yum! i heart reeses!! have a great weekend!!

Cb said...

Ilove reeses! Especially the mini ones! I eat off all the chocolate first and then i pop the peanut butter part and it is glorious!

Lariats and Lavender said...

Reese's are Jen's favorite! ;) I love sneaking one... three... half of the bag. Hehe!

Sarah Mellor said...

The first two images are showing up as broken links for me. :(

Elizabeth said...

Wow... I love the description of the hot cocoa nails, but it doesn't show up for me :( I whole heartedly agree with you about seasonal candy! It does taste better in the holiday packaging, doesn't it!
Looks like you had a pretty terrific week!
Stopping by from The Little Things!

Sara Reeves said...

So many sweet little loves. I cannot see the first two, but I am in dire need of seeing that family photo. :)


Brianna said...

Reese's always taste better when they are shaped like something - a tree, a pumpkin, a heart.

Lisa said...

Reese cups are so yummy! Just to let you know, I can't see the first two images either...
Oh, and I was wondering if you wanted to do an ad swap in December?

xo Lisa

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