Tuesday, October 18

Sponsor Highlight // Sarbear's Journey

Meet Sara from Sarbear's Journey

Hey! I'm Sara from over at Sarbear's Journey. I live in Missouri with my fella and our brood of furry children. I can't say no to a critter in need which has brought us to having a very full house of fur, and now we're wishing for a human child too. Oh my! I enjoy all things crafty and d.i.y. I would spend every weekend kayaking or riding bikes (while taking photos!) during the day and crafting each night if I could. 

I study communications at the local university and will be finished in May. Then I plan on popping out a baby, marrying my fella, and saving up for an old camper to take us on travels around the country with our critters and future children. You can visit me at my blog I love meeting new folks!


So have you seen Sara's blog? I love her writing - she's real, friends. REAL. She's got some awesome fur babies that would probably be Daisy's besties if we lived near each other. Just saying. Give Sara a follow, leave her a comment and enjoy her blog! I promise you'll love it as much as I do! 

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Lariats and Lavender said...

Ooo, Sara sounds lovely! Thank you for posting about her!!! <3

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