Tuesday, October 18

Guest Post {Nadine from Time To Shine}

Hello there, nice to meet you! I'm Nadine, 26 years of age, student of English and Media Communication.
When I started my blog, I'd never imagine how much joy it would bring into my life - namely meeting you guys from all over the world! Thanks for having me, Shannon - much appreciated! So, I love to share random ramblings and bits and pieces about movies, music, food and fashion with you. :)

Lately, I've been to the Dutch coast and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and beach time. In fact, I finally had my summer - at the beginning of October. Who would have thought?

Oh, the benefits of living in Europe. If you want to, you can travel in all the neighbor countries so very quickly. And in fact the Dutch coast is much closer to my hometown than the German coast. 

Anyways, my friends and I really had a fabulous time! We slept in every morning, we went for little walks, we ate loads of delicious Dutch things like Vla, Frikandel and toast with Hagelslag and overall had the best time.

And of course, we hit the beach daily. Ah, how I wish that every day would be a holiday. 

I hope you enjoyed my little holiday recap and it maybe brought back some nice summer memories? Or did it made you dream about your next holiday? I really hope to see you around. 

Lots of love, Nadine

Thank you for sharing this with us Nadine! I know I'm not the only American swooning over the fact that you guys can country hop in Europe! What a grand time you and you friends had! If you haven't been over to Nadine's blog you should hop over - she's such a clever writer and her adventures are way fun!


Lariats and Lavender said...

I have a bunch of European friends because of blogging and World of Warcraft (I'm on the EU servers!) I am ALWAYS so amazed by how they can country-hop! So awesome! Y'all are lucky. ^_^

Nadine: your holiday sounds totally lovely! I love your pictures and, oh, I want your sunglasses. ;)

Nadine said...

Ah, thank you so much, darling. It was so much fun to put this one together for you.
I feel so honored to be here.

Lots of love. Here's to a happy week. xo.

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