Tuesday, October 25

How We Like to Spend a Sunday Afternoon

Andrew's birthday was pretty great this year. We were able to celebrate a few times which is always freaking awesome in my book. The more you are celebrated on your birthday the better it is. So we devised a plan to spend part of it in the woods. There were two places on my list to take him and we settled on what I call Goldenrod Field on Green Mountain. It was fabulous.

This is a shot of the field, the goldenrod wasn't as thick as it has been in years past but it was still beautiful. We took a roast up for lunch and in typical Mimms/Horton fashion we cooked it on a spit over the fire! Dad brought up some catfish too and it was pretty grand!
Daisy tried to use reverse psychology on us and acted like she wasn't interested in the roast, it lasted all of 3 minutes and then the howling began. While it cooked we decided to take a hike and ran into a nest of yellow jackets. After that I was out and we decided to head back to see if it was finished and to get some coffee.
Seriously... how good does that look? This is how I felt while we ate and had some coffee, sans bees.
Did I mention that we don't use plates or forks when we cook like this?
We decided to be married and cute after we ate and rested so we took a few photos and I just kind of love this one. He has a really cozy shoulder and that is my favorite blend of tobacco and it smells sooo good!

After lunch and a few hours of enjoying the woods we had to head back down to the valley for some pumpkin pie. On the way down we had to stop and soak up some autumn beauty - I mean seriously, check this out...

What the what? How could anything be this gorgeous? I'm always stunned into silence when I see things like this. For real. When we got back to my parent's house my mom had everything ready for his party, I got to cut his slice of pie and then we ate and made merry until it was bed time!

I think for our second married birthday it went pretty well. I kind of love how Andrew would rather have pumpkin pie than a birthday cake! How do you like to celebrate birthdays?
xo S


cb said...

wow that looks like an awesome time! i love that you guys roasted meet over a fire, you two are soo cool!!!!!! oh i have been meaning to tell you that i have hung out in the blue ridge area before! i went to high point a few years ago and we went and took a drive there. it was stunning!

apockylypse said...

That looks like a very beautiful way to spend a birthday [can you call a fella's birthday beautiful? LOL]!

We are getting ready to celebrate Mr. Wonderful's first birthday as a married couple. I need to stock up on PB to make it the best day for him. I'm think PB pancakes & PB cake w/PB icing. Those are 2 of his favorite things ever that I make, so naturally they have to be part of the big day. It's hard to make his day quite as epic as I did a few years ago [when we were 'just dating']...but I will certainly try every year to make it a little better.

Pleasenote said...

Wow. What a perfect day!

Amylou said...

Love this whole post! It's like another world. The senery is so beautiful! and your meal looked amazing! What a fun little day together!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Oh my! What can I say? Can I come along next time? This looks amazing :)

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