Tuesday, October 4

Daily Daisy

Have I mentioned that she loves to chew on things. Like all the time. Everywhere. Anything. It doesn't matter. Just chew chew chewing. Like, ahem, Andrew's favorite hat and my Rainbows and the blue-tooth and a ruler and a record and the cats.....................................
We're working on it. She seems to like sticks more than anything though. I'll take bark and pieces of wood on my floor in exchange for the rest of our house to remain unscathed. We love her anyway. Shark mouth and all.

xo Shannon

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cb said...

daisy is so fierce in this picture! i love it! i hope that she continues to just chew on sticks, maybe it is just a phase and it will quickly end.

Manda Jane said...

the Daily Daisy is one of my favorite posts every week!

Shannon said...

Yay! Thanks sweets! :]

Colleen said...

FANTASTIC picture!!!! :D

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