Thursday, October 13

Autumn Love // Vol. 2

I snapped a few shots of our mountain color over the weekend and I have to share them with you. I was going to wait until next Wednesday for a WW post but, I can't. My self control has left the building. So here is a teaser for next week ;-)

Ah, these make me swoon. I can't believe how much Fall can transform the already outrageous beauty of our mountains. How is the color where you are? I hope even if it's not great that you're able to enjoy the season and that it warms your heart like it warms mine.
xo Shannon


Gentrileeblog said...

GORGEOUS!!! I am planning on heading up the canyon this weekend. Although from what I can see in the valley- Fall is in full swing! :D

jessiedavidson said...

that is absolutely stunning! it's barely starting to cool down where i am....all of the trees and bushes are still bright green :( i'll just get my fall fix from your photos until it decides to make its way down to FL.


Amylou said...

can I please come live there?!!! This is soooo beautiful!

Kates Irrelevant said...

such pretty colours! where i live the colours are still just different shades of green - give me golds and reds! xo

Jamie M said...

buh, what a difference it is from the coast to the mountains! it still feels like icky summer here!

ps, did you ever get my fb message?

Sara Reeves said...

So beautiful where you are. Colors are finally turning here and it's wonderful. I'm soaking up every little leaf!


Cb said...

That picture with all those colorful trees is super awesome! I love it oh so much!

giedre said...

I agree: I LOVE fall. It's such a beautiful time of year and I always get so excited that the weather is turning deliciously cold. :)

Elisha said...

Wow! These photos are amazing! I miss seeing the leaves change color now that I have relocated to South Florida. Palm trees stay bright green all year long!

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