Friday, September 9

Shaking Things Up with Laura

Hey Friends!

 I'm Laura from Turning Sideways! (I'm on the right in this picture:) 

I blog mostly about recipes, though I share a lot of photography adventures too! Someday I plan on opening a cupcake truck, and eventually a craft store in Portland..though for now I live in SoCal!

I'm excited to be here on Miss Shannon's blog! So, without further ado...

Introducing the...

 All you need is: 

a cupcake

a splash of milk (so, like 3 tbls)

ice cream! 

For mine I used cake batter ice cream (whatever ice cream you choose, don't let it over power the cupcake!), a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.


See? So easy! It's a piece of cake! aha. I'm so punny. ;) 

Nom nom nom, Laura

I want to make this. Right now! Laura is so adorable and she teaches preschool just like I used to! Her blog is way fun too, so be sure to pay her a lovely visit! And, if you decide to whip up a yummy shake of your own leave a link to your post below!


cb said...

i want to eat this right now! why can't i virtually grab it through my monitor!!!!!!!!

lisa said...

This sounds uh-mazing! Just found your blog and I luv luv it!

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