Friday, September 9

Getting Crafty with Lauren

Happy Friday! This is Lauren from Ren Was Here I'm so glad I'm participating in Shannon*Bear's blog party!

Today I am working on a felt garland to celebrate fall! I love stitching and felt so I put those things together and this is what I came up with!

Materials you will need:

Felt in fall colors (or any color you would like, I chose green, gold, and brown)

Thread or DMC floss, I used thread

Cookie Cutters
Pen to trace

1.  Choose your first color and trace the shape of the cookie cutter onto the felt using a pen. I used a fabric pen, use whatever pen is easiest to trace. Trace at least 2 of each shape per color.

2. Cut out those pieces.

3. Figure out what type of design you want on your feltys. Here are a few of mine:

I cut out strips for the acorns and the middle of the leaf and smaller acorns and leaves to go inside the bigger ones. Then I stitched them onto the first piece of felt. Some I used a backstitch while others I used a running stitch to attach the design. In order to make my thread look thicker I added three strands and threaded them on the needle together.

4. Then take the two same shapes in the same color and stitch them together (make a sandwich) using the running stitch. Like so:

5. Once you have made all your feltys for the garland attach them by threading your needle with three strands of thread or floss and running it through the felt ornament like so: 

Just piece them together through the middle of the felt pieces.

6. Once you have attached all your feltys. Hang by a window or on a door or anywhere you want some fall decoration. I used tape (I know I'm tacky, I used what I had!)

And here is the finished garland:

I hope you are having a wonderful day enjoying the party! Good Luck crafting! Happy Autumn!

Aw, this is such a sweet little Fall garland! How much do you love this idea?! The options are endless! Be sure to pay Lauren a visit on her blog to see what craftiness she's coming up with next!


cb said...

how cute! and you can use it year after year too! a great idea <3

CampfireKam said...

Looks fabulous, Lauren!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

cute! :)

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