Thursday, September 29

National Coffee Day

I love today. It's National Coffee Day. Coffee lovers unite! I feel like maybe I should wear a cape today or something. Maybe I'll become a coffee superhero for just today?

If you spend about 3 minutes on my blog it becomes completely (and sometimes painfully) obvious that I love coffee. Coffee and I have a torrid romance, if you will. So to celebrate my life's blood I thought I'd share a few of my favorite coffee mugs with you!

I totally got one of these for Christmas last year. Can you say, happy? Cause I was totally pumped! You can find one at!

I love this Holga mug! Sadly it's already been sold but, I can still drool over it!

Only YOU can prevent wild fires. I love this one, Smokey the Bear has been my favorite since I was a little kid!

Hello, I need this!

I love these little owls. They have the sweetest faces!

Where the is an owl there must be a fox and this one reminds me of Andrew!

I love the color of this mug and the bear is kind of perfect :]

Ah, I love coffee mug eye candy. I'm off for another cup and some Gilmore Girls to celebrate.

Happy National Coffee Day!
xo Shannon


Dearlittlethorn said...

This is such an awesome perfect national coffee day post! Love it! and great selection of mugs :) x

Lariats and Lavender said...

LOVE THIS POST. I adore coffee!!! Especially when it's home-brewed. I love this collection of mug shots. Ahahaha. Mug. Shots. GE IT?! Anyway... LOVE IT! Happy National Coffee Day!

kat said...

coffee is my life line. i love that camera lens mug. awesome! happy coffee day! ^_^

Cydny Pina said...

Ahhh daily reading of my blogs with coffee in hand! Nothing better then Joe!

Andrea said...

great collection! J'aime le café! xo

cb said...

man i am all out of coffee, boo! if i would have known i would have ran (well i don't run so i would bike) to my favorite shop and picked up some coffee! well later today i will for sure grab me a cub!

AmyMorby said...

love love love love love love coffee. And you. And you and coffee. I had a pumpkin spice latte this mornig to cleebrate, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to get another cup right meow.

Amylou said...

best holiday ever!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I also got that Photojojo lens mug for Christmas last year! It's so cool!

Sara Reeves said...

Love a good cup of coffee over here. I've been celebrating life with a latte each morning, but only some of my mug are that cute. I'm off to browse more now. :)


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