Thursday, July 21

You're Doing What for Your 1 Year?

I've gotten a lot of friends and acquaintances asking where/what we're doing for our 1 year. And I'm way stoked on telling them (and you!) that we are...

Yep! Camping! We're taking 3 days and 2 nights to spend in the woods. I CAN'T WAIT! So, in preparation of our wee trip I've been compiling lists of supplies, recipes, and pretty things to take with us. I thought I'd share it with you guys, you know, in case you want to take a romantic trip into the woods yourselves!

1 - A shelter of some kind. We'll be in a tent simply because we don't own a tepee but there are all kinds of fun shelters you can make!
a tent
a baker lean-to these are SO cozy.
a tarp
2 - A hammock. For 2.
We have one of these, they're amazing.
3 - Dutch oven - along with your camp stove and cooking equipment. We have a 10" which is actually perfect for two people but if you're cooking for more you'll want to have a 12" at a minimum! You can create a feast in one of these little babies. And we plan on feasting while we're out.

4 - Pretty things.
a percolator for lots of GREAT coffee

lots of great books
pretty lighting

pretty blankets and quilts
Handsome man with a guitar ;-)
Hiking Skirts!
a cute headband to cover up super greasy hair - if you're like me, day two hair is NOT cute

5 - A camera, or two...

6 - Each other ♥

We get a lot of  "Uh, you're doing what for your 1 year?" reactions but we figure we started this thing in the woods and we might as well enjoy such a milestone in the woods too! I'll have lots of photos from our trip to share. We're heading out tomorrow afternoon and we'll be gone until Monday! Woohoo!

Happy Thursday!

xo Shannon


cb said...

yayayayayay! i love camping!! i think we are going to go camping for our 10 year! we were going to go to big sur and rent a vintage airstream for a couple of days but money is tight and we had such a great time on our last camping trip that we have decided instead to go camping! i cant wait for you to go, everyone should at least go camping once in the summer!

a hammock has been an idea we have been thinking about. i grew up in hammocks and have one but it hasn't been hot enough to put one up. hope you bring one and let me know how it goes!


Amy said...

The Mr and I LOVE camping! I bet you're really excited! I would really agree with taking a bed of some form, we have always slept on camping mats but after experiencing -4 temperatures in April earlier this year (brrrr!) we have now decided to invest in proper camping beds!
PS. You.must.take.marshmallows!

Have fun!

xo Amy

cintia said...

Happy anniversary!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

LOVE camping, favorite holiday ever!

Karen Biscopink said...

Just found your new blog and wanted to leave a "hello" from your newest follower! <3

Shannon said...

Hi back, Karen! I'm glad you're here! Thanks for stopping by!

xo S

Shannon said...

Me too! We're really pumped on it!

Shannon said...

Thanks, friend!

Shannon said...

We are so excited, Amy! Good call on some camping beds, especially with seriously cold temps! We're just taking some lovely blankets and a couple of therma-rests. I think we'll be way cozy - it's been SO hot here lately, even up high in the hills!

Shannon said...

Oh girl, I LOVED your camping post, those photos.... oh my! You should totally go for your 10 year! What a grand anniversary and what better way to spend it than on your bike in the woods?! It's been so bloody hot here that we could live in one! I'm still trying to send some of the heat your way ;-)

xo S

Jo Fletcher said...

Ohh what fun! <3 And wouldn't it be lovely to stay in a tepee!

Lost in the Haze

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