Tuesday, July 5

Style Crust | 50's & 60's Dresses

Hiya! How was your holiday weekend? We had the best time! We slept in and stayed up late, went mini golfing, had a fire with old friends, had surprise visits, went adventuring, found some great new photo shoot locations and watched the fireworks on top of a power box. Our town out did itself with the show this year, it was fabulous. It has been so humid recently that the smoke didn't clear from the fireworks so each new one they shot up lit up the cloud like magic. It was like a crazy amazing thunderstorm! All we could do was sit with our mouths open and try to drink it all in!

Andrew and I have a photo shoot coming up in July and I've been looking around for the perfect vintage dress. I'm really leaning towards the 50's and 60's styles and etsy has been my best friend for looking! How gorgeous are these?

Be still my heart! I can't choose between them! Which one is your favorite?
Happy Tuesday!
xo Shannon


Ashley @ AfterNineToFive.net said...

Those pink and yellow dresses are to die for. SO pretty!

cb said...

wow all those dresses are so fantastic! i love the 50's & 60's too! the yellow one might be my favorite! full skirts are so much fun to wear not to mention so sexy!


AmyMorby said...

I'm so torn between the first, the third, and the sixth. Just get them all and rotate them for the shoot. eee! If only we had an endless vintage dress fund!

shannonbear said...

Those are my favorites too! Ugh, it's true, so wishing we had an endless fund! ha!

shannonbear said...

the yellow is so so so lovely, right?! and the fuller skirt is what turned me on (giggle inducing pun, ha ha) to these dresses!

xo s

freaked out n small said...

I'm completely torn between the last two - I think the yellow is winning me over though! Ahhh - these styles are adorable! :)

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