Monday, July 4

Photography Crush

Happy Monday and 4th of July! How many of you lovely folks will be enjoying fireworks this evening? I know Andrew and I will. We have a little spot we like to go to with ice cream and a blanket to watch them. I'm looking forward to it, and the ribs we're having at mom and dad's before the big show! :]

I've been seeing these little babies around on the net and I think they're just the most magical things I've ever seen. As a photographer it's cool to think about the moments we capture in time and that whoever we take the photo for (clients, family, ourselves) will be able to enjoy that moment for a long time to come. But, how cool is this idea? A few moments in sequence with the rest of time frozen. This concept blows my mind and makes my heart smile all at the same time, and that is saying something. I'm so down for learning how to make these, I think I'll fall in love with them!

What are you loving in photography right now?
xo Shannon

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