Monday, June 13

What I Wore | Black Mountain Love

Hiya! This weekend was magical. We spent time in Black Mountain, just poking around and exploring. We found some really fun local shops, had a really magical and romantic dinner, and found some abandoned houses! Which we explored, of course. We came away with an old camera from one, it still has 7 shots on the roll of film!! and a 70's floral  wastebasket. It's been SO hot here lately that I decided a lovely strapless maxi was the order of the day! 

I love the last shot, Andrew just makes my heart happy all the time! On Sunday we gave the studio a makeover!!! I finally have a space where I WANT to create and feel inspired! I actually have a couple of inspiration boards started and a list of summer goals on the wall! *sigh* so happy...

Happy Monday!
xo Shannon


sarah said...

I really love your dress, it's super cute!


Kim Lawler said...

Dress looks really good on you, I don't think I could pull off a maxi dress

cb said...

that dress looks so great on you and eek you owl looks amazing!!! i love it!


shannonbear said...

Oh I'm sure you could! They're very easy to style :] Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

shannonbear said...

Gracias, Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you're here!

shannonbear said...

thank you! i'm going to start putting those owls in the shop this week! i can't wait! :]

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