Friday, June 10


Holy! It's Friday.... again! This week has flown by! It seems like June might go by as quickly as May did, craazy! I love Calvin and Hobbes, in case you didn't know, my brother and I grew up with those comics and I think that might be where Nathan got most of his ideas for getting into trouble. I always enjoyed how randomly philosophical the strips got and this one grabbed me this week! I decided to put it on my bow photo because I need to remember to enjoy this first batch of necklaces since they're my first ones! Although, I am excited to see what will come next :]

Don't forget to check out my tumblr page  to see what is happening over the weekend! I've really enjoyed just having a weekend free from blogging, I think it helps me keep things fresh for you guys so I'm going to keep it up for now!
Happy Freaking Weekend!
xo Shannon

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