Friday, May 13

Owls Everywhere and Not A Drop to Drink

Andrew brought me home a TON of leather from a furniture store the other day. They were just going to throw it out and he said he'd take it off their hands thinking for sure that I could find something cool to do with it. He's kind of brilliant!

I've never really done anything with leather, I've just never really gotten the chance. I've learned that you need a thimble to stitch on the stuff and not poke the absolute snot out of yourself. Other than pin cushion hands, I've really enjoyed playing with it! So far I've made an owl necklace and incorporated some of it into my gift for Carla for her shower tonight - I'll share that later :]

But, until I can show you the big owl I'll show you the little owl that has been around my neck all day!

(Cell phone photo with a new app, that was fun to play with too.) It's a brown with a suede wing and a suede maroon heart belly and pink button eyes! This one is very my style, down to the crazy stitching and all other imperfections. I'm excited to make a few more! Who knew leather and sinew could be so fun?

*Don't forget to head over to Campfire Chic for the giveaway, one of my owls is included! You have one day left to enter!*

Happy Friday! 
xo Shannon


cb said...

wow that owl necklace is sooo cute! you did a great job with the leather! yea it can be a bit hard to stitch with it but it always comes out looking so great!

i hope you make more of those!


Amber said...

That sounds like it'll be fun. I've never worked with leather before, but I've heard it's hard! Luxirare works with leather a lot.

The owl is so cute!

Mandy said...

owls are my fave! that necklace is super cute!

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