Tuesday, April 12

101 Things

My bestie, Marlee, who is my confidant, CB, occasional valentine, pen pal, partner in crime, and fellow drive thru lover has begun a project on her blog which she has dubbed 101 Things To Do. This is a list of 101 things you'd like to do in your lifetime. I love this idea and I'm totally hopping on the train.

1. Go to a live auction
2. Colorado! Visit, live... I'm not picky
3. Own a sweet blue tick and raise it from a puppy
4. Own my own home
5. Take Fox & Owl Studio full time 
6. Two words: Public House 
7. Have kids
8. Adopt 
9. Ride a horse
10. Own, read, and enjoy a book by Wordsworth

There are my first 10! If you're up for it, join in on the fun! Depending on the amount of response I may make a couple of cute buttons for you to add to your posts! Leave a link below to your lists, I'd LOVE to read them!
xo Shannon

1 comment:

Marlee said...

Seriously? You're really out of chili?

No, they were just joking.

For serious, friend. Epic drive thru memories.

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