Thursday, March 24

Must Haves | When I'm Out and About

I have a few things in my life that are essential! I wanted to share the essentials for me when I'm out and about in town or meeting a friend!

Burts Bee's chapstick - in the tin. People look at my funny when I use this stuff because I put it to my lips rather than using my finger to apply it. It's just a thing I do.

My knife. My dad gave me a Gerber just like this (without the serrated edge) for Christmas my freshman year of college. I was communing and there were several nights I would walk to my car pretty late and he wasn't thrilled with that idea. So in addition to the phone call I would make home so they could keep me company on my walk, we added this knife. Her name is Clementine. Thankfully, the only blood she's drawn is mine. And, only once... and only because I wasn't being careful. I still have this knife and carry it every day!

Bobby pins. I ALWAYS have a few bobby pins stuck in my pocket or a section of my purse. Never fails.
A flint and steel tool called Light My Fire. You never know when the idea will strike and you'll want to go up on the mountain and make a fire. At least, where I live ;-)

My phone. I just got my very first smart phone! I always said I never wanted to be this connected but... I caved. And, I love it.

My book. I NEVER want to own one of those things like a kindle or a tab where you read a book on the screen. I'm in love with my paper and hard backs and technology and I aren't friends when it comes to taking those away from me. Usually I have a book in my purse.

My tunes! I usually have my Zune on me when I'm out and about. I also have to have tunes when I drive. I love to drive and listen to music, it's like this great zen place for me. My current favorites are Iron and Wine, Angus and Julia Stone, Cat Stevens, The Shins and Edward Sharpe.

I also carry a Moleskine and Uniball pen with me. I like to journal and jot ideas and sketches down when the mood strikes.

These things usually reside in my pocket or purse! What are some essentials of yours?

Happy Thursday!
xo Shannon


fowler said...

My dad gave me a handgun when I moved into the dorms my freshman year. As much as he wanted me to be a gun-bearing kick ass mountain woman, it's just not me. I have nothing against them, I'm just scared of having one myself. That and I really didn't want to get kicked out of school. I made many of those calls home (or to Josh) while walking to the commuter lot at the library, though! "Okay, I'm passing by the north end of the library... okay now I'm on ____ rd... okay now I'm parked on the 4th row from the main road... okay, I'm in my car!!" It was pretty scary late at night!

shannon*bear said...

Ha! My dad is the same way, if I'm packing it's usually a pretty quiet affair. Andrew and I know and that's about it. The library lot was SO creepy at night! Holy cow! Usually I parked by the football field so I would have plenty of light but it was still a little scary.

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