Friday, March 4

5 Favorite Things | Music and Lessons

This week has been an intense week, a week of learning lessons and deciding to be proactive And that is my #1 favorite this week:

#1. Learning the lesson that intimidation and manipulation from someone is not OK. Learning that it is OK to say, "No, that isn't okay of you and I won't stand for it". It is OK to let go of the yuck and take the wisdom and move on. And, it's totally OK to hit passive aggressive behavior head on by setting clear boundaries and sticking to them.

Now, on to the music...

#2. I love this song from Adem called Something's Going to Come

#3. This song from Cults just makes me want to go to a park and swing on the swing set like a little girl in a yellow floral dress!

#4. This one by Angus and Julia Stone (one of the bands A & I fell in love over) makes me see lovely things when I close my eyes. It makes me think about what love should really be like...

#5. Andrew Elliott, Absolutely L-O-V-E going out and shooting guns with you. Thanks for cheering me on even when my group wasn't anything to write home about! You encourage me to be better and to keep on trying. Love that about you xoxo

Thanks for sharing this with me! I'll share some more of my art journal for 30 Days later!

xo Shannon

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