Monday, February 28

A Little Excitement


I've decided to join in on the effort of Kam, Amy and Justine with their 30 Days of Lists journal! You can click the image above or click here to check it out! It starts tomorrow and the girls will be providing prompts each day. They have a flickr group too which is always way way fun to check out I love to see what everyone is creating. So if you're looking for a creative outlet this month, check it out!

Also, a wee music find... Defeater (a metal band in fact) has a super mellow song that Andrew and I just discovered via a friend of ours. It's called "I Don't Mind".

Favorite lyrics? Why I never thought you would ask! ;-) I think these are beautiful...

Somethin I've been meanin to tell you,
'bout three years and a day.
I'd very much like to get married,
Maybe have kids and move away,
Cause there ain't nothing like your smile.
Thanks for sharing this with me! I'm off to pick up my notebook for 30 Days! 
xo S

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angelina la dawn said...

definitely diggin the song! i'm always happy to find new good music. and i'm checking out this lists journal, too. i don't like journaling, but i love lists! thanks!

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