Wednesday, February 9

A Little Break

Today I've been sorting and editing photos, furiously! It's a lot of fun but it's also a lot of work. My sister stayed home from school today and texted me to see if I would come watch a movie with her. (I love having my family so close, it means I can hang with them whenever I want to!) Have I mentioned that I've been wanting to watch Sleeping Beauty for like the past 6 weeks? My parents have it but, only on VHS. We only have a DVD player at my house. Wah wah! So, Kelly and I decided to watch Sleeping Beauty and it made me SO happy in my heart! It was the perfect little break between all the work I've been doing today! My favorite bit of the movie is when they're getting ready for Aurora's birthday party and Merryweather is the dummy for the dressmaking. My favorite line from the whole movie is:

Merryweather: It looks awful!
Flora: That's because it's on you, dear.

Bonus is that Nathan came home and we all watched it together. I love it when we are all together, it's rare and wonderful!

xo Shannon

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