Sunday, February 27

Cat Eye | Shannon's Spin

Hiya! I hope everyone has been enjoying this glorious weekend!
We've had a kind of crazy weekend. We had an amazing photo shoot yesterday with some great friends and we made some new friends too! However, Andrew got food poisoning. Major sad day. Can we talk about how helpless I feel when that sweet man is way sick? OMG friends. Every time he got up to be sick I wanted to cry! We ended up spending the night at my parent's last night; Andrew was so bad I was afraid to move him the 15 minutes to our house. Intense! But, he seems to be feeling better and he ate some blueberries today *insert sigh of relief here* I'm making him chicken noodle (I'll have tomato) soup and grilled cheese for supper tonight. I'm hopeful he'll be 100% by tomorrow!

I finally tried my own spin at the cat eye make up look! It was so much fun to play with my make up and get it just right!

So fun! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I'm thinking we may be getting some thunderstorms here and I'm over the moon about it ;)
xo Shannon

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Amy T Schubert said...

have you heard about the BRAT diet for food poisoning?


and gatorade usually :) ... I had pretty bad food poisoning once, and that's what the doctor recommended ...

Tell that poor guy to feel better!

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