Friday, January 21

So, the 1970s look excatly like I thought they would.


My dad is one of my absolute favorite people on the planet. He and I share several charming and ...not so charming characteristics so we're pretty close. He's always into something and it makes me happy to hear stories from him, from others about him, to tell stories about him... he has the best. So I've grown up hearing about my dad in the ski patrol days, snowshoeing on the parkway, camping, and general rowdy-ness.  My Uncle Tommy has been sharing photos on facebook of life in the 60's and 70's in the snow with his 35mm camera!  I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorite photos of my dad!

Camping at Mt. Rogers in VA

Working his magic under the hood of his Bronco

Backpacking trip to Butter Gap

Dad on the move with Ski Patrol

How amazing are those photos?! And can we talk about how he had a Bronco too? Fo real. These just make my heart swell, I love that I get to have a glimpse of what his life was like back then! And, the 70's look exactly the way I thought they would. Score!

xo Shannon

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