Friday, January 21

Owl Inspiration and Love

Happy Friday, friends! I'm spending a quiet afternoon to myself while my darling love installs the new stereo we got in Evie. He's a right lovely man, that one.

I decided to watch the Owl movie, as we call it, you know the one? Guardians of Ga'hoole. Can I tell you that I pretty much love this movie? I love the story but I also love how they created it! I'm technically watching it for "work" ;-) It inspires me so much!

Barn and Barred owls are my two favorites. I think they're so beautiful and they remind me of magic. The new owl designs I'm drawing up make me more excited every day! I can't wait to get the patterns rolling! 

Enjoy your evening, friends! I can't wait to listen to some tunes in Evie when Andrew is finished!! Yipeee!

xo Shannon 


kristin elena. said...

hi shannon! it seems i have won your giveaway over on ldc designs. yay!!! :] what is your email address so i can give you my shipping info.

shannon*bear said...

How wonderful, Kristin! My email is! Can't wait to ship out your owl!

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