Sunday, January 16

Fancy Friday's Conception!

I've always loved hoop and bustle skirts. Andrew and I were watching an old movie that featured some of the dresses I drool over and I asked him if we could dress up like that some day. His reply was "why don't we do it always?" I couldn't come up with a reasonable answer... why don't we? We don't have to have a reason or a fancy place to go just to dress up like that, right? 

Right. *Personally I'm looking forward to wearing a hoop skirt to a picnic in the park!*

So he proposed the idea for "Fancy Friday" once a month! I have the greatest husband in the world. So here are a few lovelies that inspire me for "Fancy Friday"!





I'm wondering how hard it would be to make a lovely dress like the ones above? I'm off to go pattern shopping. I'm so excited! Happy Sunday!

xo Shannon & Fancy Friday


Van said...

The dresses you've featured are gorgeous. My favorite one is the last one, so practical and modern yet unique!

Shane said...

Okay, this is such a fun idea. If you find some sweet old school patterns gimme some info. I'll go through mine bc i have a LARGE selection of very old ones. I may have to make some fun dresses as well if I ever get the time. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

shannon*bear said...

@ Van, the last one is my favorite too! I love anything in tartan, especially in a bustle! :]

@ Shane, I sure will let you know if I find anything! I'm excited to share it with you! :]

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