Monday, January 24

6 Months!

Today we celebrated out 6 month anniversary! Since it's a special occasion and we live in such a cool area we decided to hit a new restaurant we'd heard about. It's called the Jerusalem Garden Cafe! It has middle eastern cuisine that is to die for! Andrew and I saw their website and the seated cushions on the floor with low tables and some samples of their menu and were hooked! 

The whole place has this great Moroccan vibe to it, from the front door to the back room - which is set up like a middle eastern tent. LOVED IT! I had the Moroccan couscous with roasted lamb - amazing - and Andrew had the mango shrimp curry and I have to say that I don't like curry very much but, his was very good!

At the end of dinner we decided to try the Turkish coffee. I mean with a name like Turkish coffee.... She brought it to us in espresso cups with no cream and sugar. So I was pumped! You always get coffee with the additional cream and sugar, if you wish. Not at this place! It tasted like coffee should always taste. Earthy and wild with a bit of mint thrown in somehow. The smell of it reminded me of what a baby bear would smell like! The only less than lovely part was the end when the grounds leaked into my coffee. At home we use a percolator and grounds get in the coffee, but they're not fine like it was in this particular kind. It was kind of like sludge. But, totally worth it!

This is one of those "we got our waitress to take our awkward photo and she reluctantly agreed" photos. Not half bad! I'm glad you can kind of see what it looks like too, the colors were so rich and magical! I was instantly inspired to meditate or do some yoga ;-)

*I did my make up before we left and added some mascara to my bottom lashes... instant Bambi look. I kind of love it!*

Thanks for sharing this with me! Happy Monday! 

xo Shannon

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