Wednesday, January 26

5 Favorite Things!

Hiya! It's time for 5 brand new favorite things!

1. Listening to music in my Bronco! Andrew installed my cd player and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the speakers! It sounds fantastic :]

2. These gorgeous gauges! I don't have gauges and I probably never will, but I love the different styles they have for the plugs!

3. I love Andrea's art over at the Paper Sparrow! Her style is so whimsical and lovely! Here are a few of my favorite prints from her shop...

Found Here
Found Here
Found Here
4. It's been so chilly and windy this winter, it makes me want to make slouchy hats all day long. Here are a few of my favorite designs...

found here
found here

5. Mr. Horton, You are the honey to my flapjack, the holder to my incense, the fletching to my arrow, the tuna to my salad, the chocolate to my chip. So blessed to call you mine!

 Happy Wednesday!
xo S

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