Wednesday, August 22

Small Things With Great Love

I wore a cardigan all day yesterday. I'm hoping that it becomes a trend for me. Cardigans are my favorite outside of scarves.

We bought mums at Lowe's yesterday. I've never bought mums... or potted flowers for myself. Ever. I loved it! It was a surprisingly fun time, picking out the perfect plants and the perfect colors. So far we have collected rust, red and yellow mums. I'm looking forward to picking the perfect purple and burgundy to complete the collection.

I'm not a gardener. By any stretch of the imagination. Andrew is an excellent gardener though and with his guidance I got them planted in our chocolate colored pots with no harm and no foul. I'm hopeful they'll take off and be gorgeous!

This is a small way to welcome Fall at our house. It might become a tradition, I love creating traditions with Andrew. We'll add a few ferns, moss and rocks into the bargain. 

Did I mention that we're putting all of this Fall goodness in an old radio flyer?

I'm excited to share this with you as it grows from a semi-empty wagon to a full on small garden. I kind of hope that if I pour enough love into it nothing will die ;-)

xo Shannon


sweet harvest moon said...

Mums already?
Fall is really upon us!

At my garden store they still sell summer flowers :(

jamie said...

Andrew was telling us about this yesterday! glad you got to experience potting flowers, it's such a lovely feeling to have dirt all over your hands :] and I lovelovelove the Radio Flyer idea. a few months ago an old pair of my rainboots cracked at the seams, and I think I'm going to use them as planters in the spring!

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