Monday, April 9

Our Woods

We celebrated Easter at the Pink Beds which has been tradition since I was born. It's been a great standing tradition and the only real change is that I help hide the Easter eggs rather than hunt them. We leave that to the next generation.

It's a pretty special spot to us. Not only because it's where our families have always gathered but because part of my wedding was held there! Andrew and I decided to take Daisy to our wedding spot, which is just a few minutes down the road from the Pink Beds.

I have dubbed them "our woods". We had a pretty epic life event happen there and it feels right to call my childhood woods, our woods. They're not just mine anymore and I'm happy to share them with Mr. Horton.

So special!
xo S


Bonnie Blalock said...

You two are so precious, I miss youuuu!

sweet harvest moon said...

So cute! :)

Jesse Blair-French said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors. You two look so sweet together :)

Messy said... sweet...what a lovely place to get married. I love it!


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Gentri said...

Aw! :) Gorgeous. Miss you and your posts!

jamie said...

oh wow, it looks so different than in your wedding pictures! I love how the woods can change so quickly between the seasons :]

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